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Recent Deal: The Trampoline Effect by Edith Shiro

Clinical psychologist and PTSD trauma expert Dr. Edith Shiro’s debut, THE TRAMPOLINE EFFECT: A 5-Stage Model to Achieve Growth After Trauma, reveals the counter-intuitive notion that resilience can, in fact, impede a person’s recovery after trauma. Instead Dr. Shiro illuminates how anyone can achieve a state of well-being and higher functioning through post-traumatic growth. Dr. Shiro outlines her post-traumatic growth process, the first explicit system of its kind in the field, by walking readers through successful case studies that prove readers can not only bounce back from their trauma, but can soar in an elevated stage of growth.

THE TRAMPOLINE EFFECT ultimately sets out to shift our language and understanding of trauma and recovery, providing a method of “trampolining” that will transcend survivors into a higher state.

THE TRAMPOLINE EFFECT was sold to Sarah Pelz at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, at auction, by Jackie Ashton at Lucinda Literary (world).

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