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Recent Deal: You Could Be Having Better Sex by Nicole K. McNichols, PhD.

YOU COULD BE HAVING BETTER SEX is a groundbreaking exploration into human pleasure by sex expert and psychology professor Dr. Nicole McNichols. At the University of Washington, Dr. McNichols teaches the largest and most popular undergraduate course, “The Diversity of Human Sexuality.” Videos of her accessible advice on sexual pleasure have helped her amass a cult following on TikTok and Instagram in just under one year.

We are in the midst of a loneliness epidemic, where disconnection is occurring not only between individuals, but within ourselves. Dr. McNichols believes that our sexual experiences are the keys to healthier, happier, more inclusive, and more respectful relationships. “Connected sex” is vital, as the research proves, to long-term physical and mental health, and this begins with having what McNichols calls a “sexual growth mindset.” YOU COULD BE HAVING BETTER SEX will redefine the perceptions of sexual pleasure and intimacy to illustrate that connected sex is the science-backed answer to our loneliness crisis.

YOU COULD BE HAVING BETTER SEX was sold to Veronica Alvarado at Simon Element, at auction, in a 6-figure deal, by Lucinda Halpern at Lucinda Literary (NA).

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