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Recent Deal: The Energy Blueprint by Ari Whitten

THE ENERGY BLUEPRINT: HOW TO BEAT FATIGUE, SUPERCHARGE YOUR MITOCHONDRIA, AND EXPERIENCE ALL DAY ENERGY is a practical guide to striking down sluggishness and reclaiming your energy by functional health practitioner Ari Whitten. Whitten’s work cuts through the pseudoscience that claims fatigue is “merely mental” by pointing to the true source of exhaustion: mitochondrial deficiency. 

Through a science-backed approach that debunks the common misconceptions surrounding energy, the book lays down a solid foundation that teaches the importance of mitochondrial upkeep. In addition, it gives simple and effective tips on recharging your cells through simple dietary and lifestyle changes and strategies to rid adrenal fatigue, which millions, including Whitten himself, have implemented in his Energy Blueprint program. An essential read in today’s stressful environment, THE ENERGY BLUEPRINT will serve as a wake-up call for both your cells and your life.

THE ENERGY BLUEPRINT was sold to Lisa Cheng at Hay House, in a preempt for a significant six figure deal, in a two-book deal, by Lucinda Halpern at Lucinda Literary (world).

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