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Lucinda Blumenfeld

Meet Lucinda

With over fifteen years of experience in corporate and agency publishing, Lucinda Halpern serves both sides of the literary and business worlds.

She is an editorially invested partner with a specialty in book marketing strategy. At Lucinda Literary, we understand that an author’s book is just one important piece to building or expanding a brand.

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Featured Authors

  • Chris Bailey
    Chris Bailey

    Productivity Expert & Consultant, International Bestselling Author of The Productivity Project (Crown) and Hyperfocus (Viking). Learn More.

  • Ann Shoket
    Ann Shoket

    Next Generation Expert, Former Editor in Chief of Seventeen, Keynote Speaker, Author of The Big Life (Rodale; 2017). Learn More.

  • Michele Sullivan
    Michele Sullivan

    Former President of Caterpillar Foundation, A Top 50 Most Powerful Woman in U.S. Philanthropy, Author of Looking Up (forthcoming with HarperCollins Leadership). Learn More.

  • Jake Wood
    Jake Wood

    Former Marine Sniper, Pat Tillman ESPY Award Winner, CEO of Team Rubicon, Author of Crossing The Rubicon (forthcoming with Sentinel). Learn More.